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And ENsure Camp Mitchell remains Healthy and vital for future generations.

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Who are the Board of Visitors?

The Camp Mitchell Board of Visitors is a group that works to support Camp Mitchell. We meet once a year on a weekend in November to celebrate all that we love about Camp Mitchell. During that weekend we work to raise money for special improvements for the camp and talk about ways to volunteer at camp.

In 2013, our inaugural year, we raised $26,000 to pave the road from the entrance of camp to Hoke cabin — great improvement and accomplishment! Then in 2014, we were asked to raise money to build an events’ deck on the backside of Canterbury Lodge. One special donor pledged $30,000 for this project. Another request was to also start updating Canterbury Lodge and we raised $21,000 toward that project. In 2015 we raised $22,811 to continue the remodeling of Canterbury’s front entrance, a bedroom, and a handicap bathroom. In 2016 we raised money to sustain Camp Mitchell’s Farm Project and bought two golf carts. In 2017 we raised money to renovate the kitchen in Keller Hall.

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Why you should become a member of the Board of Visitors?

The Camp Mitchell Board realizes that Camp Mitchell has played an important part in your life and lives of your family. At Camp Mitchell, adults and children have received a spiritual experience that stays with them for the rest of their lives. Your participation will ensure that others in our diocese will continue to be touched by the hand of God as they come to this mountain.

The Board of Camp Mitchell is asking YOU to be a member of the Camp Mitchell Board of Visitors because they feel YOU have Camp Mitchell in your heart!

Be a part of this special program! For more information, contact Joanna Seibert at 501-425-8525 or email

What are the Responsibilities of a member of the Board of Visitors?

Members of the Board of Visitors support Camp Mitchell with:

  • Annual Financial Support or Volunteerism Annually give financial support or volunteer time to Camp Mitchell. We will talk about annual monetary support with levels of giving at the annual BOV meeting as well as opportunities to volunteer time and talent to the maintenance of Camp Mitchell.

  • Being an Ambassador Actively support Camp Mitchell in your community. Meet with members of your community or church about Camp Mitchell and its programs.

  • Annual Attendance Attend a Camp Mitchell conference yourself or send a child, grandchild, youth or member of your church to a Camp Mitchell program. Attend annual BOV meetings.