You may be too old to go to summer camp,
but you're never too old to ENsure it's Thriving for future generations.



Your gift means more children will get to experience
the transforming power of Camp Mitchell.



Dear Friends of Camp Mitchell,

Driving through the gates of camp, bag packed, Brian had no idea that this week of Middler Camp, would be the first of ten years of Camp Mitchell adventures. He did not imagine that he would make friendships that lasted long past the summer, or that he would take on more and more responsibility as the years passed, progressing from camper to counselor, from counselor to board member, from board member to lifelong alumni and advocate for camp. Little did he know, when he said good-bye to his parents that sweltering Sunday afternoon, that in the decade to come he would learn more than how to tie-dye. In that decade, he would count on camp to be his touchstone for belonging, his safe place to question his beliefs about God, a place to learn about relationships and responsibility. Camp would become another home, a pivotal place of formation.

So it will be for many of the children who arrive at Camp Mitchell this summer. Campers will share an experience crafted especially for them by summer staff, visiting teachers and volunteers. They will build lifelong friends and memories while exploring the well-kept grounds of the over 600-acre campus atop Petit Jean Mountain, gain confidence and learn new skills while enjoying healthy meals made with foods grown in the Camp garden.

Camp Mitchell summer sessions are so much more than just a week away from home. They are a place to play, relax, and reflect. They offer a fresh perspective on faith, relationships, and belonging. It is a place for formation, renewal, and growth. Camp aids us in becoming the followers of God we are meant to become.


Looking back, we realize that Camp has become a vital player in our mission as a church. Serving as a vessel for evangelism, Camp Mitchell introduces so many children to practices of faith while on this mountain. Many come here beleaguered and leave hopeful, arrive broken and leave mended, show up alone and leave as part of a loving community.

We invite your financial support for this ministry of Camp Mitchell. Your giving makes it possible for children like Brian, and hundreds of others, to become a part of the greater Episcopal community of Arkansas. Your tax-deductible gift directly supports the programmatic and operational needs of camp during the summer. You will provide the foundation for over 350 campers to experience, as we say every morning around the flag circle, “Love of God, love of camp, love of one another.”

Thank you for your support, 

The Camp Mitchell Board of Trustees

The Rev. Michael Briggs, Chair
Dr. Harold Hedges, Vice Chair
The Rev. Dr. Linda Brown
The Rev. Charles Chapman
Craig Douglass
Olivia Goza
Trevor Larkowski
The Rev. William Lowry
Emma Mitchell
The Rev. Danny Schieffler
Dr. Robert Seibert