Robert R. Brown CAmp

Robert R. Brown Camp is an opportunity for adults with mental and physical delays to enjoy the fun of summer camp. Patterned after the other summer camp sessions, campers enjoy days filled with crafts, games, swimming, and adventures. Through the fellowship of camp, everyone, campers, counselors and staff, all come to better know the love of God through friendship and service to one another. If you know someone who would enjoy the experience of Robert R. Brown Camp, please click the link below for an application. (Robert R. Brown II 2017 has reached maximum capacity for male campers, please consider Robert R. Brown I)


Dick Johnston Children's Camp

Dick Johnston Children's Camp invites children with incarcerated parents to enjoy the fun of Camp Mitchell for a week. Children enjoy summer camp activities like crafts, hiking, and games while being in a supportive environment of love and acceptance. As part of its ministry, Dick Johnston Children's Camp places a special emphasis on helping children learn how to swim. If you would like to learn more about this camp or know a child who would benefit from attending, please contact: 

Kristi Palmer