General Information


Registration will be from 3:00-4:30pm on Sunday. . Please bring with you:

  • Copy of a recent physical or immunization record

  • Copy of camper's insurance card. Medical insurance is provided but coverage does not include treatment of a pre-existing wounds or ailments. Camp insurance is secondary to Medicare and other insurance.

  • Medications (see "packing list" for more information)

  • Mail (see "sending mail" for more information)

After getting through the line at registration, a Counselor In Training (CIT) will show you to your cabin. You are welcome to stay and help your camper get his/her bed set up and settled in. CITs will take campers down to the pool for their swim test during this time. 


Packing List

  • sturdy tennis shoes and sturdy sandals

  • appropriate clothes for the week

  • pajamas

  • underwear and socks

  • appropriate swimwear

  • white t-shirts/socks/etc for tie-dye

  • rain gear

  • twin bed sheets/sleeping bag/pillow

  • sweater/jacket

  • stamps/envelopes/letter-writing paper

  • long pants for hiking

  • games (card games, books—no electronics!)

  • toiletries

  • bath towels/wash cloths/beach towels

  • laundry bag

  • water bottle

  • sunscreen and bug spray

  • flashlight

  • Medications*


Please do not pack any medications in your suitcase or bag. Instead, seal them with the camper's name and dosage instruction in a gallon size ziploc bag and have them with you at registration. The medical staff will need to check-in with your child about his or her medications. This includes any over-the-counter medications as well. Please note, our Medical Center is fully stocked with pain relievers, stomach medicine, allergy medicine, bug bite relief, etc.

Please do NOT bring

  • cell phones/electronics

  • food/drink

  • pets

  • weapons (knives/fireworks/firearms)

  • tobacco products or illegal drugs

  • alcoholic beverages


Check out

Families are welcome to join the Closing Serving which begins at 10:00am on Friday morning. Otherwise, you can pick up your child around 11:00 after the service. 


Communicating with your camper


Mail is very important to campers, especially those away from home for the first time. We highly encourage you to send snail mail throughout the week asking your child about his or her experience at camp. Since camp sessions are short and there is usually a 2-day delivery, you might want to mail letters before your child's session, leave letters on the day of registration, or even fax letters to (501) 727-5761. You can also email messages to, these will be printed once daily. Mail delivery is usually around noon, Monday-Saturday. Keep letters upbeat and informative, rather than telling your child how much you miss them, this can very easily bring their morale down. Please do not send food or candy. Camp Mitchell is located in the woods and food left in the cabins attracts unwanted visitors into the cabins; if sent, these items will be kept in the office and returned to the campers before he or she leaves camp. Don't worry, your camper will be amply fed—three meals and three snacks are provided each day during camp!

Please address mail as follows:

Your Camper's Name

Camp Mitchell

Session Your Child is Attending

#10 Camp Mitchell Road

Morrilton, AR 72110



No cell phones are permitted. If your child has a cell phone, please leave it at home. There will be a collection for all camper cell phones as you go through registration. They will be kept in a lock box in the Director's office for the week to insure it does not get stolen and the camp community is not disrupted. Breaking this rule is considered a serious offense to the camp community.

No phone calls or visits will be permitted during camp sessions as it interrupts the schedule and often has a detrimental effect on the camper's morale. If you are concerned about homesickness or want to know encouraging ways to communicate with your child at camp, please continue reading the following sections.



Homesick letters, particularly from first time or young campers, are expected and completely normal. More likely than not, your child wrote the letter in the down time of the day (rest time or bed time) when they aren't involved in constant activity. During these times, they realize Mom and Dad are not there and they get upset. Also, if they have had a full day at camp, they are probably extremely tired and might have a difficult time processing their emotions.

Campers of all ages will sometimes exaggerate to you about how they feel about camp. They will know which buttons to push and which signal phrases to use because they know you. Together, our goals as a camp and parents, are to teach our campers important lesson not only in a Christian sense but also in a life sense. We want them to adjust to different situations well, to learn how to make new friends, and adapt to new situations. When you pick up your child on Friday, hopefully they will have grown into a stronger individual who has learned how to deal with obstacles. You will only hear about how much fun camp was and hopefully what they learned in Christian Education that week.

It can be scary to get a homesick letter from your child. But do not worry, our staff is trained and capable of learning how to talk with your child to understand difficult emotions. Our staff can help your child find what they like about camp and what activities they are good at and enjoy. In our daily staff meeting, we bring up camper concerns (usually homesick concerns). With the entire staff knowing, we can watch our for those campers and look for ways to involve them.

Remember, writing letters to your child about how much you miss them will most likely increase their homesickness. Instead, try talking about the fun things you imagine they are doing at camp. Give them goals for the day or week, like make a new friend, go down the water slide, etc. Let them know you are proud of them for being brave at camp. It will be Friday before you both know it! In the meantime, thank you for entrusting us with your child! We are doing everything we can to keep your child happy and healthy.

Directions to Camp Mitchell

 From I-40: take Exit #108 for Arkansas Highway 9 in Morrilton. Turn left (south) on Highway 9 and go approximately 8 miles to Highway 154 (gas station on corner). Turn right (west) onto Highway 154 and travel approximately 7.5 to the top of Petit Jean Mountain. Continue on 154 west, the Camp Mitchell entrance is on the left.

From Highway 10: Travel west on Highway 10 past Perryville and Perry. Turn left (west) onto Highway 154 and travel approximately 7.5 to the top of Petit Jean Mountain. Continue on 154 west, the Camp Mitchell entrance is on the left.