Focus Camps

Camp Mitchell recognizes that some kids would enjoy having a more tailored summer camp experience. Camp Mitchell offers young people two unique ways to have fun at summer camp while spending their week concentrating on a more focused topic. Click the link below to fill out an application for one of our two Focus Camps.


Creative Arts Camp

If you're a 6th-9th grader and enjoy using your creativity to make art, then Creative Arts Camp is for you. This week we'll use our creative gifts and spend time in a focus group of your choice such as theater arts, fine arts, creative writing, and photography. This camp will be a smaller, slower-paced alternative to our traditional youth camps. While it coincides with Adventure Camp, the two sessions will have their own staff and schedules.


adventure camp

If you're a 9th-12th grader and enjoy being outdoors, exploring the natural world and God's hand print on it, then Adventure Camp is for you. This week we'll explore how God is moving through Creation with fun activities like team building, pitching tents, harvesting food, exploring beehives, and tromping through pristine nature around our camp. This camp will be a smaller and more intimate alternative to our traditional youth camps.