Meet the 2018 Summer Staff



Amelia Mackey

Amelia is going into her junior year at the University of Central Arkansas where she is a double major in Communications and Public Relations. She has been going to summer camp for 7 years and was an active member of the EYC. Amelia loves to spend time outside, traveling with her family, and spend time with her siblings, picking flowers, and decorating cupcakes. If you think you see her and then see her again 5 minutes later in a different place thats because she has a twin sister, Heidi. Amelia is so excited to work as a counselor this summer and give back to Camp Mitchell the same love it gave her.


Cameron Haag


Hi guys! My name is Cameron (Cam) Haag! I am from Long Beach, MS. Currently, I am a senior at Mississippi State University. I plan to graduate with degrees in both Elementary Education and Special Education, with endorsements in Science, English, and Social Studies. I want to be a third-fifth grade teacher when I grow up. I am so excited for the summer and can’t wait to be there!’


Grace Wiggins

I am a passionate person who loves helping and caring for others! I am energetic, a little loud, organized, and opinionated. I love learning new things about myself and others, and I love making others happy.


Lauren Petrisin

I just graduated from Hendrix College in May and in the fall will be attending the University of Central Arkansas for my Doctorate of Physical Therapy! During my four years at Hendrix I played volleyball and sang in the choir. This being my first time on the mountain, I am really excited to welcome all of the first time campers to Camp Mitchell!


Madi Grace Carter

Hi, Y'all! My name is Madi Grace Carter, and I was born and raised in Little Rock. I will be heading into my sophomore year of college this fall at The King's College in New York City where I play on the women's basketball and soccer teams. I have been an avid attendee of summer camps across the state throughout my childhood and have been working as a lifeguard for four years. My main interests include sports, dogs, history, being southern, and using preposterously big words. I can't wait to spend time with the kiddos and enjoy the moments God will give us!


Sophia Warriner

Hi I'm Sophia Warriner! I attend Hendrix College in Conway, AR. I am majoring in neuroscience in hopes to either get a job in memory research, or become a behavioral aide for autistic children. I attended Camp Mitchell growing up and I worked here last summer as well. I couldn't be more excited to be here again!


Ben Bridgforth

Hello! My name is Ben Bridgforth, and I am a returning counselor from Fayetteville, Arkansas. During the year, I attend school at Washington University in St. Louis where I am pursuing a BSBA in Leadership and Strategic Management with minors in History and Philosophy. At WashU, I am also a member of the school’s Ultimate Frisbee community, attend services at the Episcopal Student Ministry house on campus, and work in the school’s First Year Center making the first-year experience easier for new WashU students. When I have time, I enjoy going on hikes outside of the city, eating at my favorite restaurants, and playing my guitar. However, you’ll never see me happier than when I’m working at Camp Mitchell. I am dedicated to giving every child that attends camp the experience of a lifetime and helping them to learn and grow in their love for themselves, others, and Christ. I consider Camp Mitchell to be my home, and I hope to spread my love for Camp Mitchell to every camper that I encounter.


Ethan Brass

I am a Junior at Hendrix College who is currently working on a Psychology degree. I attended Camp Mitchell for years growing up and even worked as a counselor in 2016. I am a college soccer player who has killer passion for the game. I live and breathe it. All my life I have been an active person whether it is hiking, swimming, or running I often do not sit still. One thing does slow me down is music. I am percussionist who loves music in all forms. Learning, listening, and sharing music with others are some of my favorite things. The music of Camp has always been a favorite of mine and I want to share that love with others. Being on the mountain has always been a great escape for me and I love the feeling of hiking and seeing God through nature.


Jack Meullenet

I am a freshman at the University of Arkansas with a double major in Economics and Biology. I have gone to Camp Mitchell since I was a young child, and I had such a great time as a Counselor-in-Training that I decided to apply for a counselor position. I love to have fun and meet new people. In my free time, I like to get outside and hike or camp, play frisbee, and read. I can’t wait to give back and have a great time at camp this summer!


Jacob Rhinehart

Born in the far away land of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jacob (Or as his friends call him, Jacob) is a man of many mysteries. In his advanced age if 23 years, he has seen a multitude of things most people only dream of. Legend has it he attends the University of Oklahoma where he studies elementary education, plays ultimate frisbee, and leads the Episcopal Student Association. Some have even seen him play in a rock and/or roll band. Those who know him best know that there are few things he loves as much as camp. With several years of summer camp counsel-ing under his belt, and about 2 fistfulls of spaghetti in his back pocket (just in case), he waits... ready to spread God's love to the world.


Zain Blackwell

I’m from Fayetteville, Arkansas and a first year engineering student at the University of Arkansas. I like turtles, turtlenecks, and playing the piano. I love breakfast food, antique cars, and I collect foreign money. I’ve been coming to camp since I was seven and has always been my favorite part of the summer.

Media coordinator


Kate Walters

I'm a freshman at Vassar College with an undecided major, but am interested in urban studies and math. Although my parents now live in Memphis, I grew up in Little Rock, going to Camp Mitchell in the summer as a camper and on session staff. I love art projects, cooking with friends, hiking, and working on the farm at school. In middle and high school, I ran a small business as an artist and screen-printer and am excited to continue working in art and media at camp!

ACtivities coordinator


Alden Walters

I am from Little Rock, Arkansas, and I have been going to Camp Mitchell since I was in the 4th grade. Now, I split my time between Little Rock, Memphis (where my parents moved last summer), and New Haven, Connecticut, where I will graduate from Yale University in the spring of 2018. I'm majoring in Religious Studies with a concentration in literature. I love to read and write, and after college, I hope to teach middle or high school English. I also love to play music, usually folk and rock, depending on whether or not I have an outlet and an amp for my guitar. Most of the rest of my spare time is taken up with other instruments, from banjo to harmonica. One of my favorite things in the world is standing in the chapel at Camp Mitchell, singing myself hoarse with a roomful of campers and counselors who are just as excited as I am to be on top of the mountain.

Assistant summer staff coordinator


Hannah Tackett

Program director


Jenny Knight